Emergency Fund of the Open Society Institute announces a grant competition in Lithuania

In response to the global economic crisis The Open Society Institute, under the initiative of philanthropist G. Soros, has established The Emergency Fund (EF) with the aim of helping the most vulnerable groups in society cope with the impact of the crisis.

The Emergency Fund in Lithuania (EFL) is administrated by the public non-profit institution "OSFL projektai" (OSFL projects).

Priorities of the EFL are:

  • newly emerging social issues and needs of civic society;
  • to tackle critical issues of education and culture that have arisen out of the present global crisis.

The EFL will support -

In the social field:

  • projects tackling unemployment, supporting employability;
  • the development of leadership, entrepreneurship and career planning skills aimed at fighting unemployment of young people;
  • various support to the most vulnerable - unemployed, single parents, all discriminated groups, etc.;
  • community civic involvement in response to the new situation (e.g. development of self help, monitoring of municipal government‘s urgent decisions);
  • the encouragement of voluntary movement/actions of all generations aimed at solving social problems.

In the culture field:

  • actions aimed at developing clear cultural policies;
  • cultural outreach projects involving professionals and retired professionals aimed at having a positive social impact;
  • educational and other projects targeting children, youth, and various vulnerable groups of citizens;
  • innovative and creative initiatives in regions, aimed at people of all generations and social standing;
  • the encouragement of initiatives by young sector professionals.

In the education field:

  • the strengthening the role of schools as local community cohesion centres;
  • school projects aimed at reducing social exclusion and supporting equal opportunities in rural areas;
  • the monitoring of education reform (public consultations/debates on strategic issues of education, including media projects) aimed at assisting Lithuania’s vulnerable groups;
  • innovative student initiatives;
  • the education of human rights and anticorruption in secondary schools.

Grants and procedures

The EF envisages two categories of support:

  1. Grants for small projects up to 60,000 LTL (25,000 USD); and
  2. Grants for larger projects above 60,000 LTL (25,000 USD)


The selection of small projects will be carried out by the Sub Board of the EFL.

The selection of larger projects will be made by the Sub Board of the Open Society Institute on recommendation by the EFL Sub Board.

Preference will be given to the following projects:

  • those that encourage consolidation and partnership of NGOs, and the cooperation of the NGO sector with the state and/or private institutions;
  • those that initiate new models and ways of operating in the post crisis society;
  • those that test the innovative and creative “instant effect” ways out of crisis in the defined sectors;
  • quality applications for smaller grants (5 000 – 10 000 Litas/ ≈ 2000 – 4 000 USD) aimed at short term effective solutions.


There is no deadline for submitting applications.

The EFL Sub Board will meet to select applications once a month.

Applications should be submitted both in electronic and paper format by the address:

Emergency Fund

„OSFL projektai“

Didzioji st 5

01128 Vilnius

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact telephone: (8 5) 2661207




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